Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Los Angeles

I left my birthplace and 24-year hometown on August 16 to go spend a few days in LA before the big move. It felt like I was in LA for much longer than 3 days and 4 nights. I completely fell in love with the city of angels. Too bad it's going to fall into the ocean someday.
My first day I complained about the lack of historical architecture. By the second, I was swearing I'd live there right away.

Day 1: Wednesday, August 16: arrived LA @ 11:00 AM. Got to friend's apartment around 1:00 PM. We went to this great coffee shop/ vegan lunch spot called Muse. I wanted to go there everyday forever. For those of you from Mobile, it was my Satori coffeehouse. Forever a place in my heart.

That night, we ate some good Indian food and hung out with some new, but very dear friends who live in LA. He is a professor @ USC. She is a public librarian. They absolutely rock.

August 17: I met my cousin who I haven't seen in about a decade in Hollywood. We walked and talked all the way to Amoeba records...the greatest music store of all time. I have to say that Hollywood is way more glamorous on television. I was not impressed.

August 18: First to Los Angeles County Museum of Art. AMAZING! Here's proof:

me in spaghetti.

There are multiple buildings and outside spaces that make up LACMA. There is even a hanging Boulder outside! One of the buildings housed a Japanese exhibit, which I felt a need to enter due to the recent relocation. Here is me posing with some Shinto festival masks:

Next was Griffith Observatory Husband and I drove to the top of some hills to visit this amazing space center...full of cosmological and scientific wonders! me outside:

me with Einstein:

homage to Pluto:

Next to Santa Monica beach, where I finally got to dip my feet in the Pacific:

Favorite Hippie things I did in LA:
ate here
did yoga here

 Love to all on this beautiful planet!

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